In this section you will find a variety of tools to assist helping you in meeting your child’s specialized education needs. Below is a listing and descriptor of the specialized tools. Please click on them to find one that is most helpful to you.

Educational Assessment

A tool that assists parents on accessing a psycho-educational assessment.

After the Educational Assessment

A tool that assists parents on the steps to take after they’ve had an educational assessment for their child.

Download (PDF)


Provides a variety of information on what inclusion is and we can include special need students in the classroom while still meeting their education needs.

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100 Useful Tools for Special Needs Students & Educators

This list of 100 useful tools can help children with a learning disability such as ADHD, dyslexia or test anxiety, as well as students with visual or hearing impairments, use the Internet and other technology systems to help them wiht reading, math, organization, and social skills. 

Individualized Education Plan – A Guide for Parents

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram in collaboration with the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils have produced a extremely useful toolkit for families to assist them in the development their child’s IEP with the school. Please click on the link below for the guide.

To view the PDF click here – Individual Education Plan – A Guide for Parents

Guide to Building an Education Plan Binder

Below is a powerpoint presentation and self-help guide to assist you in building an education plan binder. This will be of great assistance as it allows you to keep all of your child’s important information in one place.