Divorces can be extremely time consuming and expensive or can be fairly inexpensive without getting too messy. If divorce is either through mutual consent or there is an agreement reached between the spouses over the child custody and maintenance (if any) and division of properties, the process turns out to be fairly simple with the filing of a few documents in the family court and the decree is granted in less than twelve months of filing the separation.

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In this process, even the money spent is very low just the essential legal fees as compared to the money fished out over a lengthy and messy legal battle if the spouses fail to reach an agreement over child’s custody and property division or are not reasonable enough to let go.

Family law works on the principle of natural justice like the equal splitting of acquired property during the course of marriage or child custody granted keeping the best interests of the child into consideration. To put it in simple words, it can be said that Family law is pretty much one of the simpler branches of law with legislative provisions that are modern and relatively new due to its constant and consistent amendments. And so are the numerous Family and Divorce Lawyer in Oakville soundly updated and empathetic.

Depending upon what the clients demand, the lawyers act. For a divorce and separation agreement that is on the lower end, the Family and Divorce lawyer in Oakville would be spending much less time on drafting the agreement and negotiating the divorce to make sure everything is ticked in a fairly quick time range. However, if things go on the higher end then the affair would definitely turn lengthy and time-consuming.

family & divorce lawyer in oakville

Some tips that help save a ton of money are-

  • Negotiate– The focus on “Big three”-property split, support, and custody lead to the “Big-four” as to optimize the big three, hefty legal costs are added. It is often a better idea to take another shot at negotiating than fighting a legal battle over the “Big three” suggests a Family and Divorce in Oakville.
  • Prepare and Organise
    • Be very specific in what you want. Avoid being vague, it is costly! It is a better option to drop off all your documents to the lawyer’s office before your first meet, as they quickly scan through it making your first meeting more efficient as pulling out every small fact of the client is way too time-consuming and burning out.
    • Also demand a document list from your lawyer that is required, so that everything can be pulled together in one go. And, in case if you do end up in court, these documents would prove far more competent than oral testimonies.
  • Never bluff litigation just to scare your spouse to get into a comfortable settlement position as it is suicidal!
family & divorce lawyer in oakville
  • Race to finish– Time is money in the legal fraternity. In case, if you wind up in Court in the worst scenario, push to end as early as possible. Go for a single settlement conference or try to expedite the trial.
  • Lawyer’s Help– Even though lawyers are expensive, they still are professionals who know the strategy and tactics to pull off complicated court cases in a timely manner and process. Apply for legal aid if you cannot afford a lawyer, but do get a lawyer’s help as they definitely know their job!